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California Cities Sue Oil Companies

I've posted before, a lothere and here, that a carbon tax must happen if we are to stop the flow of CO2 into the atmosphere and our oceans.  Now there's a new strategy that might be successful, suing the oil companies.  San Francisco has started it, and Oakland and other California cities are joining in.
The two Californian cities join the counties of Marin, San Mateo and San Diego and the city of Imperial Beach that have taken similar legal action in recent months, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera and Oakland city attorney Barbara J. Parker filed separate lawsuits on Tuesday in the superior courts of San Francisco and Alameda County on behalf of their respective cities.  They seek to hold the companies responsible “for the costs of sea walls and other infrastructure necessary to protect San Francisco and Oakland from ongoing and future consequences of climate change and sea level rise caused by the companies' production of …

The Schoenberg Plot

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We Will Have To Learn To Love Jellyfish

Much of the CO2 we're pouring into the atmosphere ends up being absorbed in our ocean.  Actually most of it.  And this has terrible implications for sea life.  It has happened before.  At the Paleo-Eocene Thermal Maximum we had the greatest extinction of sea life in the history of the planet. And this was the result of CO2 and methane being pumped into the atmosphere and thus the oceans.  And what we're doing now is ten times what happened then.

What we can expect is the loss of much of our sea life.  Except for one, the jelly fish.  Jelly fish will thrive under these conditions.  Interestingly jellyfish will have no problem, and may even become a main food source.

And they're coming to terms with this in Italy.

While tourists throughout Europe seek out Apulia, in Italy’s southeast, for its Baroque whitewashed cities and crystalline seas, swarms of jellyfish are also thronging to its waters. And not just in Italy.
From Spain to New York, to Australia, Japan and Hawaii, jel…

diseased mosquitoes are coming your way

I've posted many times before about sea level rise as being the opening consequence of climate change.  But now we have something else to worry about that's happening right now, disease carrying mosquitoes.

A mounting number of citations on a popular disease-tracking website suggests that mosquitoes may be moving into new ecological niches with greater frequency.  The website, ProMED mail, has carried more than a dozen such reports since June, all involving mosquito species known to transmit human diseases.  Most reports have concerned the United States, where, for example, Aedes aegypti — the yellow fever mosquito, which also spreads Zika, dengue and chikungunya — has been turning up in counties in California and Nevada where it had never, or only rarely, been seen. And if you travel, you may find these disease-carrying mosquitoes in parts of the world you wouldn't have expected, like Europe,

Aedes albopictus established itself in Italy and southern France, where it has s…

What Climate Scientists See In The Floodwaters

What Climate Scientists Want You to See in the Floodwaters Like most Americans this week, we have been transfixed by the still unfolding disaster in Houston and coastal Texas, described on the airwaves as “unprecedented” and “beyond anything experienced.”  If that wasn’t bad enough, on the other side of the globe, another climate-related calamity has been unfolding, though it has received less attention: the ongoing monsoon flooding in India, Bangladesh and Nepal that has killed more than 1,000 people and displaced millions. As in Houston, recovery there will take years. Climate change doesn’t cause extreme events. It amplifies them. What we have to look forward to, is more and more amplification of weather events.  Global warming is increasing the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.  And what we have to look forward too is a decreasing ability for our handling these disasters -- there will be too many of them.  In the not to distant future, there will be a Houston event, and a New …