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Antarctica is Melting at an Accelerating Rate

Antarctica Is Melting Three Times As Fast As A Decade Ago 
Between 60 and 90 percent of the world’s fresh water is frozen in the ice sheets of Antarctica, a continent roughly the size of the United States and Mexico combined. If all that ice melted, it would be enough to raise the world’s sea levels by roughly 200 feet.
While that won’t happen overnight, Antarctica is indeed melting, and a study publishedWednesday in the journal Nature shows that the melting is speeding up. -500 -1,000 -1,500 -2,000 -2,500 -3,000 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014

People Denying Global Warming Will In Time Be Held Accountable

Climate Change Denial Should Be A Crime

In the wake of Harvey, it's time to treat science denial as gross negligence--and hold those who do the denying accountable. In August 2016, months after Houston had been hit by the second of two back-to-back “hundred year floods,” Mike Talbott, then the head of Houston’s flood control district, told The Texas Tribune and ProPublica that he still had no plans to study climate change or its potential impacts on the county — Harris, the third-largest in the nation — that he was charged with protecting. Talbott criticized scientists for being “anti-development,” and not only ignored but denigrated studies — even those conducted by his own department, one of which he called “absurd” — that suggested development was worsening flooding, or that urged him to leave prairies intact to absorb floodwaters. When the Tribune told Talbott that a host of scientific experts had said the contrary, his reply was blunt.  “You need to find some better experts,”…


I've been posting for four years about global warming, about the risks, the consequences, about what we should expect to happen.  But there is one thing, in my opinion, more important than all other issues, refugees. 

People fleeing droughts, famine, social disorder is only going to get worse as global warming advances.  I urge everyone to support UNHCR.  In my opinion there is no more important issue.  I urge everyone to look more closely into this.  Imagine your having to flee from very difficult circumstances into countries that are resisting your migration.  There are millions of families in very desperate situations and UNHCR is in many cases the only help they have.

People Skeptical Of Global Warming Please Read This

What I learned, and why you should drop your objections about global warming

Since we are not climate scientists, I argued, we don’t have the expert knowledge necessary to evaluate which side of the debate is right. Therefore, we should defer to the majority for the purpose of choosing public policy.  This argument didn’t seem to change any minds. One man even argued it was completely irrelevant. “Science isn’t a democracy!” he said. Well, he’s right! It’s not a democracy at all! That’s why your opinion on the cause of global warming doesn’t matter. I’m not saying that contrarian climatologists are wrong because they are in the minority — I’m saying you need staggering arrogance to insist that over 90% of climatologists are wrong when you aren’t even a scientist, let alone a climatologist.
As I read more on the topic, I learned that the vast majority of climatologists agree: greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming, not changes in the sun. It’s scary that I could be misled…

Carbon Dioxide Not So Good For Agriculture

Plants consume carbon dioxide and intuitively we feel that it's concentration in the atmosphere should have a positive effect on them.  However, research now shows that rice grown in higher levels of carbon dioxide has lower amounts of several important nutrients.

When scientists want to figure out how climate change might disrupt the world’s food supplies, they often explore how rising temperatures could shift growing seasons or how more frequent droughts could damage harvests. In recent years, though, researchers have begun to realize that the extra carbon dioxide that humanity is pumping into the atmosphere isn’t just warming the planet, it’s also making some of our most important crops less nritious by changing their chemical makeup and diluting vitamins and minerals.  Now, a new study has found that rice exposed to elevated levels of carbon dioxide contains lower amounts of several important nutrients.

The potential health consequences are large, given that there are already b…

Global Warming Descends On Alaska

I've posted many times about the dangers Florida, New Orleans, and Houston have to look forward to because of climate change.  Despite being in conservative states they have been forced to confront the issue, Floridaespecially as I'veposted.  Another Republican State is being forced to confront climate change, Alaska.  They are between a rock and a hard place.  While the impact of climate change in Alaska is making itself felt,

Alaska is already seeing the dramatic effects of global warming firsthand, making the issue difficult for local politicians to avoid. The solid permafrost that sits beneath many roads, buildings and pipelines is starting to thaw, destabilizing the infrastructure above. At least 31 coastal towns and cities may need to relocate, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, as protective sea ice vanishes and fierce waves erode Alaska’s shores. “The change has been so real and so widespread that it’s become impossible to ignore,” Byron Mallott, the state’s…

Things We Don't Understand About Climate Change

Three Things We Don’t Understand About Climate Change

by Aarne Granlund
I argue that most of us do not grasp how immediate this situation has become, how fast it is progressing and what the scale of change needed is to reach the stabilisation targets of the Paris Agreement. I also argue that after individuals, nations and corporations understand the urgency and the rate, they should be honest about the scale of action needed in order to avoid collapse of the biosphere and thus civilisation.

1. Urgency  The first misunderstanding about climate change is related to how we perceive its impacts in time. It is not (only) a future issue, not a polar bear issue and certainly not an issue which only affects a few remote parts of the world. [....]

2. Rate and Scale of Change  The Arctic, area located on the top of the planet from 66°N north, is a prime example of systematic exponential change. It is warming at least twice as fast as the rest of the planet. There is less inertia in the Arctic tha…

Smart Money in Real Estate

I've postedbefore about sealevelrise.  Here there is more evidence about the melting of Greenland's glaciers.  Real Estate prices in Florida are already showing the reaction to sea levels.
Scientists are exploring changes underway in the Greenland Ice Sheet as a result of global warming. Algae, dust and soot, a short-lived climate pollutant also known as black carbon, are exacerbating melting.Satellite imageshave confirmed that the Greenland ice sheet ... holds 23 feet of sea level rise.

From Climate Central:
Global average sea level is expected to rise by one foot between 2000 and 2050 and by several more feet by the end of the century under a high-pollution scenario because of the effects of climate change, according to the projections in the new peer-reviewed study. It shows 21st century sea-level rise could be kept to less than two feet if greenhouse gas emissions are aggressively and immediately reduced, reflecting a larger gap in sea-level consequences between high and low…

Oil Companies Are Truly Evil

The cigarette companies are proven evil.  It was demonstrated that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, and they continue to sell cigarettes and thus were responsible for millions of early deaths.  They knew there was a problem but they worked very hard to dispute the evidence and produce doubt.

It is now known that oil companies have done the same.  There is solid evidence that ExxonMobil and Shellknew how their product was going to bring about global warming in the 1980's and chose to do the same as the cigarette companies, deny and create doubt even though they knew what would might happen.

They show that as the company pondered its responsibility to act, Shell's scientists urged it to heed the early warnings, even if, as they said, it might take until the 2000s for the mounting evidence to prove greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were causing unnatural climate change.  "With the very long time scales involved, it would be tempting for society to wait until then …

The New Danger of Significant Sea Rise

Erosion by warming waters has caused the submarine ice around Antarctica to shrink by 1,463 sq km in six years
Section though ice sheet in 2010 Section though ice sheet in 2016 Ocean Ice shelf Hidden erosion by warming waters has caused the base of the ice sheet to shrink Previous extent of ice sheet Ice flow Increased ice flow Ice sheet Ocean floor Grounding line Grounding line
Guardian graphic. Source: Nature
Underwater melting of Antarctic ice far greater than thought, study finds

Hidden underwater melt-off in the Antarctic is doubling every 20 years and could soon overtake Greenland to become the biggest source of sea-level rise, according to the first complete underwater map of the world’s largest body of ice. Warming waters have caused the base of ice near the ocean floor around the south pole to shrink by 1,463 square kilometres – an area the size of Greater London – between 2010 and 2016, according to the new study published in Nature Geoscience. The research by the UK Centre …

Proving Global Warming

At first opponents of global warming claimed that there was no warming.  Then they agreed that there was warming but it was not anthropogenic, caused by human activity.  Now they accept anthropogenic carbon dioxide is causing climate change, but they claim that it's not going to be as dire as climate scientists say it is going to be.

I've postedabout "dire consequences" for at least three years so it's not a new topic for me.  It is possible that we may avoid the worst if we act now, but that isn't going to happen without people understanding what may happen if we don't.  Thus it is important to raise the issue of how bad it could be in order to motivate our response to global warming.

But that's not the point of this post.  I would like to bring everyone's attention to an article which supports proof for global warming forcing deniers to admit it is happening leaving them with having to claim that it won't be so bad.

This case is made by Set…

A Carbon Tax On Beef

Our consumption of beef is a significant contributor to atmospheric CO2 and methane.   I've posted rather frequently about our critical need for a carbon tax. I've posted how the IMF, conservatives, Republicans, even oil companies have supported this, but now an argument is being made that we need to place a carbon tax on beef.
Agriculture, including cattle raising, is our third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, after the energy and industrial sectors. At first glance, the root of the problem may appear to be our appetite for meat generally. Chatham House, the influential British think tank, attributes 14.5 percent of global emissions to livestock — “more than the emissions produced from powering all the world’s road vehicles, trains, ships and airplanes combined.” Livestock consume the yield from a quarter of all cropland worldwide. Add in grazing, and the business of making meat occupies about three-quarters of the agricultural land on the planet.

The emissions c…

Atmospheric CO2 At Record Highs

We are not making any progress towards avoiding the worst of the dire consequences of global warming.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are showing a startling increase
Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have spiked more in the period from February 2015 to February 2016 than in any other comparable period dating back to 1959, according to a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Earth System Research Laboratory.

Pieter Tans, lead scientist of NOAA’s Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network, confirmed that the increase, reported previously by New Scientist, represented a record year-over-year growth for Mauna Loa. He also said that in addition to the stark rise in carbon dioxide levels over the past year, researchers have now observed four straight years of increases of more than 2 parts per million in the atmosphere.

“We’ve never seen that,” Tans said. “That’s unprecedented.”
Antarctica ice cores were analyzed producing measures for CO2 and methane ove…

Air Travel And Climate Change

It sure looks like jets produce serious amounts of atmospheric pollution including lots of CO2 and thus seriously contribute to global warming.  In fact they contribute a small fraction compared to automobiles, 2%, though still a serious amount, and something has to be done about that if we are to avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

Boeing sees the future and is at work in the move to replace jet fuel with biofuels.
Boeing is working with all-737 customer Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle to move toward a significant environmental goal: powering all flights by all airlines at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with sustainable aviation biofuel. At the airport, executives for the port, the airline and Boeing signed an agreement to launch a $250,000 study that will assess the costs and infrastructure needed to deliver a blend of biofuel and petroleum jet fuel to airplanes there. The airport, commonly referred to as Sea-Tac, is the first in the United States to lay o…