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Whose side are you on?
Why does anyone have to take a side?  In our society there are many sides, and our Democracy depends on those sides being resolved in acompromise and hopefully in a way the benefits us all.  Underlying this is that no one of us nor any one group of us has the best direction, that the best decision to be made is a benign mixture of both.

Oil Companies Are Truly Evil

The cigarette companies are proven evil.  It was demonstrated that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, and they continue to sell cigarettes and thus were responsible for millions of early deaths.  They knew there was a problem but they worked very hard to dispute the evidence and produce doubt.

It is now known that oil companies have done the same.  There is solid evidence that ExxonMobil and Shellknew how their product was going to bring about global warming in the 1980's and chose to do the same as the cigarette companies, deny and create doubt even though they knew what would might happen.

They show that as the company pondered its responsibility to act, Shell's scientists urged it to heed the early warnings, even if, as they said, it might take until the 2000s for the mounting evidence to prove greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were causing unnatural climate change.  "With the very long time scales involved, it would be tempting for society to wait until then …