The Last Age is Beginning

African refugees are pouring into Italy.  Syria is in civil war.  Global warming is contributing to these events, and it's just beginning.  These events are ultimately about the maldistribution of resources.  Africans are fleeing wars but these wars are really fights over resources which are being compromised by droughts. Burgeoning populations aggravate competition for resources.   Wars and migration are only going to increase until it becomes globally catastrophic.  Northerners are going to protect their access to resources, and at some point there will be thousands, then hundreds of thousands, and then millions, and then hundreds of millions of people starving at the protected borders of countries while  are refusing to allow them in.  Ultimately it will all come down to three things, access to food, water, and health care. And our future will come down to one group of people desperately holding on to what they have, and another group of people desperate to acquire it.  The clash between these groups will spread like a raw bleeding wound around the globe.  And it is certain to happen within the lifetimes of my grandchildren.

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