Diary of the Last Age - California Drought

The most dangerous aspect of global warming is that nothing is being done about it.  There's a simple solution, a carbon and methane tax.  But it is not happening.  Nothing is happening, there is very little being done about global warming and thereby the outcome is easy to see

In the future ... climate change leads to widespread drought, food shortages, rapid sea level rise, riots, civil strife, a migration of more than a billion people and widespread use of martial law — all things that require a strong-centralized government.
But that terrible outcome depends on nothing being done about global warming, that we're all the frog in the heating pot, and we don't realize that we're being cooked until too late.

Maybe we'll be able to figure it out before we're cooked.  We have a test.  California is experiencing the worst drought in its history.  Will Californians figure out what is going on before they're cooked?  Let's find out.

I'm not optimistic. Fines for improper water use are going to be levied, but it is not likely that anyone is going to pay attention.
Persuading people in urban areas to take the drought seriously has proved difficult, Ms. Marcus said. “They’re not seeing the fact that there are communities on the verge of running out of water all the time,” she said. “We can’t afford to let any more areas get into that situation.”
She [Lisa Brown - Roseville, CA, water efficiency administrator] said that during a less severe drought in 2009, her city had issued hundreds of tickets to people wasting water and found that it was not an effective strategy. 
A successful program for dealing with the drought is not likely, which will mean a serious destruction of California's agriculture, and severe consequences for people living in the cities.  They will likely have to pay for water to be shipped by truck, a very expensive proposition.

And it will be evidence that we're all going to be cooked by global warming.

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