Global Warming Pearl Harbor

It has been said that we need a Manhattan Project for global warming.   The Manhattan Project was started in secret to produce a nuclear weapon in response to intelligence that Hitler may be producing a nuclear weapon.

The Manhattan Project produced the nuclear bombs that brought the war in Japan to a halt, and appears as a significant event in history, but it really isn't the model we need for bringing global warming to a halt.

There was something more important than the Manhattan Project for WWII.  What was needed to bring Hitler down was to monumentally provoke the American people, to cause them put everything in their lives aside and join the war effort, to make victory gardens, buy war bonds, join the army, navy, marines.  And the event that made this happen was Pearl Harbor.

And I believe that is what is going to happen.  In the next five years there will be such an event, an extreme weather event, comparable to Pearl Harbor, that will seize the attention of the entire world, and will cause everyone to put their lives aside and join the effort to defeat global warming.

The only question that remains, however, is will this be in time to keep the worst from happening?  During WWII, it took a few years to gain the confidence that Hitler would actually be undone.  How long, if ever, will it be before we feel that way about global warming?

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