Some Progress

While all of the attention is on Republican Candidates for President denying global warming, and on the deniers financing their campaigns, the Koch brothers, and oil companies, other companies have working to forestall the consequences predicted by climate scientists:

More than 100 CEOs and institutional investors are asking for a strong climate agreement at the 2015 Paris talks.

"Ambitious agreement" at the COP in Paris Signed by energy agencies, insurance companies, vehicles and distribution"

The 43 signatories – CEOs who manage the companies from 20 economic sectors with a total turnover generated in 2014 of over $1,200 – include Francesco Starace (Enel, the only Italian company), Gérard Mestrallet (GDF SUEZ), Ignacio Galán (Iberdrola), Masashi Muromachi (Toshiba), Olof Persson (Volvo), Peter Agnefjäll (IKEA), Michael Diekmann (Allianz), Nikolaus von Bomhard (Munich RE), Michel Liès (Swiss RE) and Paul Polman (Unilever).

This is certainly a favorable trend.  It is what we must do to prevent the very worst from happening: ocean shores inundated, large parts of continents rendered uninhabitable, and millions of environmental refugees crowding the remaining habitable areas.  Let us hope that this trend continues. 

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