Vast Migration Northward

The first six months of this year 137,000 people have tried to get into Europe from Africa and the Middle East, 83% more than last year.  Europeans are resisting taking them in.   Similar resistance is occurring in the United States to immigrants from the south of their border.

The countries in the north don't know what they're going to do as the immigration mounts.  Europe debates where they are going to go. 

The flood of refugees and migrants northward are like the global temperature.  The global temperature is a complex result of climate change including the increase in CO2.  In the same way the movement of refugees is a complex result of various factors including droughts and other effects of climate change. 

As science now understands global warming is happening, and as we should understand, one of the effects is going to be the bourgeoning migration of people northward.  And just as there is no current effort being made to counter the threat of global warming, there is no one doing anything about the certain result of climate change, hundreds of millions migrating to cooler climates up north.  And no one planning for the exodus, or preparing the countries up north for it. 

Its going to be like watching a slow motion dive into five inches of water. 

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