Projected Sea Levels From Global Warming

Seattle is building a new tunnel to replace a viaduct carrying traffic across downtown near the waterfrong.  What is disturbing about the decision to build this tunnel is that it completely ignores what might be happening to sea levels as a result of global warming.  Billions of dollars expended and quite possibly for naught.  The tunnel will certainly be underwater, but also gone in both scenarios are the sports stadiums for the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners.

A website has been set up so people can tell what the sea levels will be wherever they live under two scenarios, one where immediate steps are taken, and another where nothing is done.  Near us is one of the largest malls in the Seattle area, the Southcenter Mall.  It was built on land that was farmland in the 1950's, and bordered the Duwamish River which carries melting water off of Mt. Rainier to the Eliot Bay in Seattle.  It has as a result a low elevation, and in the second scenario will largely be underwater by the end of the century.  That's a very large number of retail businesses gone, forever.

I urge you all to check it out, and if your hometown isn't near the ocean, see what happens to Florida.

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