Quakes on the Pacific Subduction Zone

There were two more earthquakes on the Pacific Subduction Zone yesterday about which the The New Yorker published a rather disturbing article suggesting massive destruction in the Pacific Northwest whenever it happens.  I am no expert but I'm arguing that as long as smaller quakes occur regularly it'll keep the pressure off the subduction zone preventing the big one from happening.  So far 10 earthquakes 4.8+  over the last 10 months on the subduction zone.  Sounds good to me.

The ones yesterday were

  • 1-29   4.9 earthquake 272km W of Ferndale, California
  • 1-29   5.0 earthquake 256km W of Ferndale, California         

and a week ago
  • 1-23    4.9 earthquake 154km W of Bandon Oregon
and last month
  • 12-28 4.83 earthquake 103km WNW of Eureka, California
And these were reported in an earlier post, July of last year
  • 3-25    4.9 earthquake 151km SSW of Port Hardy, Canada
  • 4-10    4.8 earthquake 163km W of Ferndale, California
  • 4-23    5.5 earthquake 253km W of Ferndale, California
  • 4-24    6.1 earthquake 187km WSW of Bella Bella, Canada
  • 6-1      5.5 earthquake Off the coast of Oregon
  • 7-29    4.8 earthquake 183km W of Port Hardy, Canada

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