Education and Facts Don't Matter To Republican Climate Deniers

Study Shows Education And Facts Don’t Actually Matter To Republican Climate Deniers

This new study looked at determinants of belief in global warming.
Education, gender, general knowledge, and experience of extreme weather had little effect, the studies showed. 
Some people “seem to believe that it’s all simply getting people the facts, and they will reason to the right conclusion,” Lakoff said. “It doesn’t work that way. Brains don’t work that way.”
The difference is stark. In fact, according to the paper, there is a “strongly positive” link between knowledge and belief in anthropogenic climate change — but only for Democrats and Independents. That is, the more knowledgeable Independents and Democrats reported themselves to be, the more likely they were to accept the science of climate change. For Republicans, the level of reported knowledge didn’t matter. 

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