California Senate Calls For Carbon Tax

I've posted many times on the carbon tax, or "carbon price" as the only path to a future on this planet with humans in it.  The IMF has called for it, the World Bank, and world leaders.  And now the California Senate is joining in.  They are asking it to be revenue neutral, that is, the money from the tax is to be returned to lower and middle income people to reduce its impact on them.
WHEREAS, A national carbon tax would make the United States a leader in mitigating climate change and the advancing clean energy technologies of the 21st Century, and would incentivize other countries to enact similar carbon taxes, thereby reducing global carbon dioxide emissions without the need for complex international agreements; now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Assembly and the Senate of the State of California, jointly, That the Legislature hereby urges the United States Congress to enact, without delay, a tax on carbon-based fossil fuels; and be it further Resolved ... That all tax revenue should be returned to middle- and low-income Americans to protect them from the impact of rising prices due to the tax
If there is any hope of our future on this planet, this has to happen soon.  British Columbia is an example of the successful use.  It has to happen, and it doesn't have to hurt people or the economy. In fact there is every expectation that it would make our economy better by creating green jobs and new products that create green energy.   It is our only hope really.

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