Our Naval Bases Are Going Underwater

'Our Bases and Stations on the Coast Are Going Underwater'

This past July, in a Congressional hearing on “The Status and Outlook for U.S. and North American Energy and Resource Security,” retired Marine Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney offered a dire warning for many current military bases in coastal locations.   
From the tactical side our bases and stations on the coast are going underwater. Norfolk [in Virginia] is the prime example. It’s closed dozens of times a year now because of flooding both from rain and sea level rise,” Cheney explained. “We’re going to have to talk about relocation of our bases and stations that are on the coast." 
Sea level rise and coastal flooding represent a well-documented threat to national security. Yet less than a month after General Cheney’s testimony in Congress, the Trump administration rolled back an Obama-era regulation designed to “improve the resilience of communities and federal assets against the impacts of flooding.”
Trump's climate change denial is seriously endangering our country and its security.  I know a lot of people aren't able to see our brutal future especially Trump supporters.  Trump's denial is putting our country, the whole world really at such a great risk that rivals the worst any President has ever done to our Country.  I am certain his villainy will be rewarded with reprobation (look it up).
Sea level rise and the risk of severe flooding are a reality for communities across the country,” Curbelo said in a statement in response to Trump rolling back the regulation. “This Executive Order is not fiscally conservative, it's irresponsible, and it will lead to taxpayer dollars being wasted on projects that may not be built to endure the flooding we are already seeing and know is only going to get worse.” 
The draft climate report recently published by The New York Times estimates that sea level rise of 4 to 7 inches is “very likely” by 2030. This would make a noticeable difference in southern Florida. The same draft report estimates a potential for up to 8 feet of sea level rise by 2100. That would eliminate a lot of Rep. Curbelo’s district.

New Orleans is one of those cities and is again being threatened by Harvey and will be inundated again only weeks after another inundation.

Climate Change Compounds Louisiana Flooding Threat a Year After Historic Floods
By not really dealing with the issues of climate change, they are setting us up to fail,” Foytlin told me during a recent phone call. She is sick of hearing politicians praise the resilience of Louisiana’s residents after a storm. “Resilience” to her is code for ‘We are going to continue to allow this to happen to you, and then pat you on the back and tell you about what a great job you are doing bouncing back.” She believes that “by not really looking at climate change, things will only get worse.” 
Foytlin’s daughter Jayden is one the plaintiffs in a lawsuit brought by a group of 21 youths seeking immediate federal action to prevent climate change. The flood reinforced Jayden’s stance that the time to stand up and fight back is now. “Being directly affected in my home made the case that much more important to me,” she told me.  

The American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card gave the country’s infrastructure a “D.” Each state gets its own grade. Louisiana got a D+. Not the kind of grade that comforts one going into the peak of hurricane season. 
 A draft climate change report by 13 federal agencies which was leaked early this year and re-published by the New York times on August 7 states that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change right now. Meanwhile, living in southern Louisiana, Ground Zero for the impacts of climate change, has become too much like playing Russian Roulette, particularly for those who just want the rain to stop. 

Those denying climate change have their heads firmly buried in sand, and since many of them are in control of our Country, we are in trouble.

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