Militarization of the U.S. Border

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is deploying his National Guard to the Texas border.  Apparently his plan is to force the children crossing the border into interment camps.  This but a taste of what will be happening as environmental refugees begin their march away from land made uninhabitable by global warming.  In the not too distant future people will be swarming north to escape the drought and heat and towards the relatively livable parts of North America, the Pacific Northwest and Northeastern U.S.  What will happen at our borders then?  Rick Perry is giving us a hint of what it will be like.  At first the National Guard will be joined by more National Guard, and then U.S. soldiers.  The migration will be slow at first and the military up to the task.  But soon it will turn into a flood of people, people who have nothing but starvation and death behind them.  At first, our military will slow the deluge, but that will just produce a line of starvation south of our border.  Then they may start shooting, and the starved bodies will be joined by shot bodies.  And then there will be no one with the moral ability to keep that up and the environmental refugees will be let through, the borders no longer defended.  The line of defense will then be moved to populated areas in the Northwest and Northeast which will become surrounded by desperate refugees.

That is what we have to look forward to, if nothing is done about global warming, cities in the Northwest and Northeast U.S. surrounded by millions, maybe hundreds of millions, of slum dwellers.  This will also happen in Canada.  And it will be far worse in Asia, as the billions of people south of China try to make it across the Himalayas, joining the Chinese heading for Eastern Russia and Siberia.

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