NY Times Upshot says it all

Upshot says it all in the NY Times today, August 2nd, shattering global warming denier's myths.

The conclusion:
In 2009, the respected M.I.T. global climate simulation model estimated that if we do nothing to curb greenhouse emissions, there’s a 10 percent chance that temperatures will rise by more than 12 degrees Fahrenheit by century’s end, causing wholesale destruction of life as we know it.
There’s still time to eliminate this catastrophic risk at surprisingly modest cost. If we fail to act, future historians may wonder from behind high sea walls why we allowed the more effective responses we could have pursued to be blocked by an easily debunked collection of myths.

In fact, a carbon tax would not destroy jobs, nor would reducing CO2 emissions be prohibitively costly. However, a lot of coal and oil would have to be left in the ground, and that would be costly to oil and coal producers.  So it comes down to this, the wealth of a few men versus our civilization.  So the next question is, how can they get away with this?

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