Global Warming and GMO's

Industrial agriculture is working hard to defeat GMO labelling.  Despite what opponents say about GMO, this is a very complicated issue, one with implications for the impact of global warming.  There are reasons for opposing what industrial agriculture is doing with GMO.  It's capitalism doing what it can do, monopolizing food products in order to make (cough extort cough) more money from the consumer.  It's a lot like the pharmaceutical industry where drug companies, with their exclusive right to some medication, make huge amounts of money.  And where there is not much money to made, such as with antibiotics, and other medications for third world diseases, the industry basically says too bad, we're not going there because we won't make any money.

There will be 8 billion people to feed in twenty years or so and we will need GMO.  We will need drought-resistant crops.  We will need to help food plants adapt to new conditions.  GMO is critical for this.  But industrial agriculture is ignoring this need.  And that is the real problem.  The problem is not with GMO's, it with how their being used for profit by industrial agriculture.

So another problem arises.  The opponents of GMO's are striving to rid the planet of GMO's, at a time when we will need them.  The campaigns against GMO's is misdirected.  They need to go after the use of GMO's by industrial agriculture, not after GMO's themselves.

And this is issue is complicated by a fear factor created by the opponents of GMO's.  They very possibly could succeed in denying the human race precisely what is it needed to feed its billions just as global warming destroys the growing of traditional crops.

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