Media Coverage Of Global Warming

The New York Times devoted an almost entire Science Section on Sep 23 to global warming.  And today (Sep 30), there are two strong articles, "California is Burning", and extreme heat in Australia. Both of these articles were characterized by explicit links of extreme weather to human-caused global warming.  Of course, I see it, but I'm afraid the evidence, as compelling as it is to people who already are convinced of global warming, won't have much of an effect on the global warming deniers.  It boggles my mind, thinking of all the evidence that currently exists, that more of it is needed to get some real action on preventing the worst (cough*carbon tax*cough).  But I'm not sure these articles are going to do it.

Some believe, like a frog cooking in a pot being brought to a boil, that many people will never acknowledge global warming, continuing to deny it as each small tick of data dribbles in.  So what we need is something undeniable, something so overwhelming that it gets everybody's close attention.  These new articles in the New York Times don't seem to be them.  But I'm hoping that there will be something, sometime soon.  Otherwise we're headed for extremely dire consequences.

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