Cold Northeast, Warm Northwest and Alaska

The Iditarod for only the second time in its history is being forced to move the route due to a lack of snow and warm temperatures.

Over the past 50 years, wintertime temperatures across Alaska increased by an average of more than 6.3 degrees, due to man-made climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency reports. Overall, Alaska's temperatures are rising twice as fast as those in the lower 48 states.

And as I've reported it's Spring in the Pacific Northwest.  But fierce cold and blizzards are bludgeoning the Northeast.  What is going on?  The Jet Stream.  And a warming Arctic.  A study demonstrates that it is due to a stalled jet stream which is bringing cold, wet air from further north down into the Eastern U.S.  This is likely to happen every year until global warming warms the atmosphere sufficiently that it becomes all rain.  Eventually  it will turn into an annual monsoon in the Northeast.  At least it won't be a mega-drought like the Southwest.

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