Global Warming Should Matter Most To Young People

But are they getting any information about it?   Global warming shouldn't be an controversial issue. Young people should be apprised of what the future world they will inherit may be like.  They should be allowed to express the concerns.  In my view there should be demonstrations and activist groups of young people bringing this to the attention of their political representatives.  But that is not happening.

In my day when I was in high school, the latter 50's, civil rights was controversial but there was no one keeping us from expressing our opinions on this topic, or from learning about it in school.  In school there was no requirement for "teaching the controversy", i.e., presenting positions in opposition to civil rights.  Nor were there any parents upset about this.  I'll have to say, though, that where my wife Jan grew up, South Carolina, it was a very different story.

But now, the study of climate change in high school is very controversial in most school districts. And that is a great tragedy of untold proportions.  Their future world is likely to be far different from that of their parents, and they appear to have no say in affecting that.

This is a complicated topic and I'll have more to present in subsequent posts.

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