Sea Level Accelerating

First, I'd like to bring up the furor about some apparent hiatus in global temperatures that I referred to in my last post.  The climate change deniers prefer to focus on one piece of the puzzle to the exclusion of all the others.  This is a logical fallacy endemic to deniers.  If you wish to show that there is nothing to fear from climate, you must disprove all of the evidence, not just one of them.

Despite what the deniers say, global temperatures are rising right now, as I show, but there is more evidence, and it should be disturbing.  As I've described, it is possibly worse than they say because scientists usually apply a linear model because our understanding of the underlying processes aren't well developed enough to use a nonlinear model.  Proposing nonlinear models is difficult because there are so many of them, and choosing one requires a detailed theory that we don't have for many climatic processes.

But there is now evidence confirming my earlier post that a linear model is not appropriate for describing the rise in sea level, that in fact it is accelerating.  An article has just been published providing evidence that the sea levels are rising nonlinearly, that is, faster than expected.

Deniers can claim that temperatures aren't rising, which is really not true, but even so, they also need to confront all the other features of global warming such as the accelerating rise in sea levels, which they haven't.

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