Are Frogs Smarter Than People?

There is the apocryphal story about the frog in a pot being brought to boil.  The water temperature slowly increases and the poor frog never realizes what is about to happen until it's too late.  The story is not true.  A frog will leap from the pot long before it's cooked.

But humans seem to be another story.  There is clear evidence that ocean levels are rising.  And Florida is perhaps more vulnerable than any part of the country.

The densely populated megalopolis of South Florida is losing it's water wells as sea water intrudes into the Biscayne Aquifer. Salt water has already moved 6 miles inland in Broward County and is likely to continue to creep westward. Ninety percent of South Florida gets its drinking water from underground supplies, most from the Biscayne aquifer. This inland movement observed in Broward County is due to urban withdrawals from the Biscayne Aquifer, ocean water moving sideways into the aquifer and seepage of saltwater from surface sources.

I'm amazed that anyone could get a thirty year mortgage in Miami anymore.  Even a frog would be finding another place to live.

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