Record Global October Temperatures

It's hard for people living in the Northern Hemisphere to properly appreciate a record heat in the Southern Hemisphere, but nevertheless while it looks good for ski season to open by Thanksgiving here in the Pacific Northwest, the world as a whole is undergoing another record hot month:

Global Temperatures Continue To Surge In Record-Breaking October

This is partly due to the El Nino now sitting out in the Pacific, but El Nino's are themselves influenced by global warming so we can expect future El Nino's to continue to rise above the underlying trend in global temperatures.  And specifically, it appears that it will last through Spring bringing us record heat for March 2016.

The post cited here is authored by Joe Romm who has a new book out that I highly recommend for understanding what is happening to our planet.  Find a review here, and an opportunity to purchase the e-book or the paperback here.

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