Republican Heads In The Sand

As I've pointed out, a certain outcome of global warming is a rise in sea level, very likely at least two feet in the next fifteen years. Moreover starting now the few centimeters rise in the sea level is having serious consequences for lowlying areas, and each year will get worse.

Twenty Florida Mayors approached the Republican Candidates for President to discuss their positions on climate change.  Measures must be taken immediately to avoid catastrophic consequences to Florida's coastal cities.
When the question came: “Climate change means rising ocean levels, which in south Florida means flooding, downtown and our neighborhoods. It’s an every day problem in our neighborhoods. As president, will you pledge to do something about it?”

And the answer, for the Republican field, was no.

Florida is considered one of the most at-risk states to the effects of climate change, including, of course, rising sea level, which is dooming Miami.
The Republican avoidance of global warming is unconscionable.  It's refusing to turn on the fire hoses as the house burns down.

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