Democrats Vs. Republicans On Global Warming

Of course, everyone who follows this blog knows of the importance I place on fighting global warming.  There can't be any more contrast between the Parties than on this issue.  And this issue completely dominates my decision, and it should be the same for millennials who will have to deal with its consequences.

The Democratic Platform calls for great efforts

Democratic Platform Calls For WWII-Scale Mobilization To Solve Climate Crisis
The platform makes for the starkest possible contrast with a party that just nominated Donald Trump — a man who has called climate change a hoax invented by and for the Chinese, who has denied basic reality such as the drought in California, and who has vowed to (try to) scuttle the unanimous agreement by the world’s nations in Paris to take whatever measures are necessary to avert catastrophic warming and keep total warming “well below 2°C.”
 "We believe the United States must lead in forging a robust global solution to the climate crisis. We are committed to a national mobilization, and to leading a global effort to mobilize nations to address this threat on a scale not seen since World War II. In the first 100 days of the next administration, the President will convene a summit of the world’s best engineers, climate scientists, policy experts, activists, and indigenous communities to chart a course to solve the climate crisis."
Meanwhile, the Republican Platform declares coal to be "clean".
The Republican Party platform adopted Monday night would bring a total about-face on U.S. energy and climate policy, declaring that the priority placed on combating climate change under President Obama “the triumph of extremism over common sense, and Congress must stop it.”
The GOP platform calls coal “clean,” pledges to reverse a Supreme Court ruling on the scope of the Clean Air Act, seeks to open vast amounts of federally protected public lands and waters to oil, gas and coal exploitation, rejects the Paris climate accord and Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and opposes a carbon tax. It takes aim at “environmental extremists” and calls the environmental movement “a self-serving elite.”

The choice is clear for anyone concerned about the world we'll be leaving to our grandchildren.  With Democrats, at least a chance at a world we can live with, or with Republicans, a world ravaged be heat, droughts, floods, and rising seas.

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