A New El Nino On Its Way

In an unusual quick turn-around, a new El Nino appears to be on its way.  This has consequences for the Pacific Northwest, mainly more moisture, a lot more snow in next winter, and probably a very hot 2018.

The El Nino's are producing warmer years each time it occurs.
The strong El Niño of 2015-16 contributed to those years’ being the two warmest on record.
So look forward to an even hotter 2018-19.

It's also unusual for one to appear so quickly after the last one.  This is clearly another consequence of climate change.  We are going to have to look forward to hotter, and more frequent El Nino's.

It could bring the drought back to California.  While recent heavy rains filled their reservoirs, their aquifers have been severely depleted in the last drought as people siphoned up the water because of the drought, but the recent rains haven't replenished them.  So another drought would be a lot more serious.

In the Pacific Northwest we'll have more rain and snow, but our ability to hang on to that is problematic.  We'll have more snowpack but it will disappear more quickly.  We must learn to store the snow and rain that comes our way or we'll be in trouble.

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