Soon The Only Glacier In Glacier National Park Will Be In Its Name

US Glacier national park losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left 

A century ago, the Park had about 150 glaciers. By 1966, that was down to 37. The US Geological Survey reported Wednesday that only 26 remain, with some losing as much as 85 percent of their area over the past five decades.
“It’s inevitable that we will lose them all over the next few decades,” said Dr. Daniel Fagre, who led the research for USGS.
The American West has been warming twice as fast as the world as a whole for several decades, and Glacier National Park (GNP) has seen a tripling of 90°F days over the last century. As a result, the one million-acre park that borders Canada has lost more than four fifths of its original glaciers. To be considered an “active” glacier, they must exceed 25 acres. Boulder Glacier (pictured above) is no longer “active.”

Even if we stopped the warming they will be gone in twenty years.  It would have to get colder to preserve them and that is not going to happen. 

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