Environmentalists and Global Warming

A conservative site posted an article

California’s Drought: Not an Environmental Problem. An Environmentalist Problem.

The headline is misleading.  In fact it is both an environmental and environmentalist problem.
Even now, in the Sierra foothills, state officials empty reservoirs to protect “unimpeded” river flows to benefit small numbers of non-endangered hatchery fish. The California Coastal Commission, the powerful agency with control of development along the shoreline, is holding up a privately planned desalination plant over concerns about its impact on plankton. The environment-friendly commission want to force the developers to build a pumping system that destroys the economics of the plant.
What we have is a conflict of interest, between humans and wildlife.  And environmentalists already know which side they're on, the wildlife, not people.

But this conflict of interest wouldn't exist if it weren't for global warming.  The California drought is being made worse by global warming.  This is the sort of thing that is going to happen more and more often, damage to resources caused by global warming creating an increasingly greater conflict for the reduced resources.  We shall see this happening more seriously as the ocean and planet warms.  And the real issue is how long is it going to take for people to realize that what has to be done is stop pouring CO2 into the atmosphere.

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