Republicans Are Sabotaging the International Climate Negotiations

Republicans are becoming the party of climate supervillains

As Politico recently reported in a news story that seems better suited for bad a Hollywood movie script, Republican Party leaders are actively trying to sabotage the critical international climate negotiations that will happen in Paris at the end of this year.

If nothing is done, and the Republicans seem to be trying as hard as they can to do make nothing happen, in about ten years climate events will overtake us and it will become clear that the Republican resistance to sensible ways to mitigate the harm of global warming such as the carbon tax will be seen to have been a very serious mistake.  

And in another ten years it will be viewed as a tragic failure for the human race.  All other of the most horrible events in history, the destruction of the Roman Empire, Worlds War One and Two, will fade into the background against the intransigence of the Republicans toward any action to halt the worst outcomes of global warming.  

Considering what is at stake, there can't be any more reason to get obstinate Republicans out of office.  There is no other issue that should get in the way of opposing their elections to office.  

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