Global Warming Silence On The Campaign Trail

Copernicus' paper showing that the earth circled the sun and not the other way around was published (posthumously because he know the Church wouldn't like it) in the 16th Century. For a hundred years after that most people looked outside and just knew that the sun went around the earth, not the other way around.  Most people only want to believe in what they can see.  It's the same with police violence, a recording of the act makes all the difference in the world.

Just so, people see some droughts and floods here and there, and Arctic ice melting, but are not at all convinced that anything worse is going to happen. The human mind just is not capable of working with an abstraction. They only believe what they can see. That's why no one want's to talk about it in a campaign (except for Bernie, my favorite), because most people are like those people in the 16th Century who only needed to look outside and knew that Copernicus was crazy. In other words you can't get elected talking about something no one is able to see. 

So the human race is doomed by its not being able to put together something that is clearly demonstrated by the data but can't be seen with their own eyes.

What they're going to see is a two feet rise in the sea level in about ten years.  And then it'll be too late to do very much to keep the worst from happening.  

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