Meanwhile, The Arctic Melts

Wobbly Jet Stream Is Sending the Melting Arctic into 'Uncharted Territory'
Extraordinary melting in Greenland's ice sheet last summer was linked to warm air delivered by the wandering jet stream, a phenomenon that scientists have increasingly tied to global warming.
The new study analyzes the severe shift in wind patterns last July that transported huge masses of warm, moist air from the Atlantic to the Arctic, dramatically melting the northern reaches of the ice sheet. Never before has the jet stream been seen to intrude so far into the Arctic during the summer, the scientists reported.
The Arctic Sea Ice reaches a record low for May:

[T]he National Snow and Ice Data Center reports the warming-driven death spiral of Arctic sea ice hit a staggering new May low (see figure). May 2016 saw Arctic sea ice extent drop “about 600,000 square kilometers (232,000 square miles) below any previous year in the 38-year satellite record.”

My colleague betting on the Arctic Ice extent has really lost his bet.  It's fortunate he didn't have any money on it.

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