Great News!

With a carbon tax we can reduce the carbon being put into our atmosphere, maybe enough to prevent the direst of consequences.  But there's an important problem left.  What do we do about air travel? Or the freighters that bring us the off-season fruit and vegetables we're use to?  Are we doomed to never to be able to see Rome again?

Well, scientists have solved that problem.  And by exceeding what nature has been able to do.  They have succeeded in using sunlight to produce fuel.  Now burning this fuel will produce carbon but it produces the same amount of carbon that goes into making it.  It's neutral.
“[The Bionic Leaf 2.0] is an important discovery,” Nocera said in a press release. “It says we can do better than photosynthesis.” 
So much better, in fact, that the team believes that its new invention can already be considered for commercial use. Nocera plans to look for ways to use it in developing countries as a cheap source of clean energy.
This invention doesn't solve the global warming problem because it won't reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.  But, very importantly, it uses the same amount of carbon it generates, and thus makes possible air travel and freight traffic without adding to the carbon budget.  This is a big deal.

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