Climate Science in K-12 Schools

Twenty six States worked together to establish standards for science education in K-12 schools called the Next Generation Science Standards.  They have been implemented in ten states, California, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.  An additional state, Wyoming, considered the standards and rejected them because they included the teaching of climate science.  State Board of Education Chair Ron Micheli said “I don’t accept, personally, that [climate change] is a fact", which reinforces that adults, too, need some science education.

If there's anything at all that our children should be exposed to it is climate science.  It is their future that is at risk, as I've noted before.  They need to find out what portends, and to do something about it.  Fortunately Wyoming has changed its mind.  This needs to be part of a trend.  There is nothing more important in the academic life of a child than learning about the consequences of the global warming that looms over us all.

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