Global Warming Rebound Confirmed

I posted a short time ago about new research on ocean temperatures.  It explained the slow climb in atmospheric temperatures compared to the previous decade due to much of the heat from the atmospheric CO2 being absorbed by the oceans.  My suggestion in that post was that when that absorption slows our atmospheric temperatures could rebound.  This has been confirmed:

In the five months before November 2014, measures of surface temperature differences in the Pacific shifted to positive, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This is the longest such positive shift detected in about 12 years.
In January 2015, further signs emerged that the PDO is right now in transition to a new warm phase. “Global warming is about the get a boost,” ventured meteorologist Eric Holthaus. Recent data including California’s intensifying drought and sightings of tropical fish off the Alaskan coast “are further evidence of unusual ocean warming,” suggesting that a PDO transition “may already be underway a new warm phase.” 

I believe this will get everybody's attention, and perhaps we'll make some progress in dealing with global warming.  Some extreme event at this time might be our Pearl Harbor. Let us hope we won't be too late.

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